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from Contemporary Graphic Design by Charlotte & Peter Fiell

This portfolio is presented in a simple square grid format that allows the user easy navigational options for exploring the designers work.




FIELD is a London based creative studio that focuses on combining art and technology to create audio/visual experiences., the studios homepage, is essentially the portfolio page for the company, with everything else, about, jobs, news, etc, being sub pages.


What I enjoy about this portfolio is how the text gets out of the way of the imagery. The font, a solid sans serif, does its job and then seemingly vanishes as you look down the page. It is minimal in it’s approach. Unfortunately, the odd layout out of the three images that accompany each entry doesn’t sit well on the page. You could perhaps say this was done with intent to reinforce the chaotic subjects of the images themselves, but ultimately the photographic layout detracts from the images as the viewer attempts to navigate the eye through the layout.

source: Computer Arts Jan. 2107